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Immortal Wish

Living in a room with broken windows and a door dancing without the help of its hinges. The cockroaches on the walls and crickets whistling from outside. I tried to ignore them all. With my eyes closed and clothes stacked in my ears I lay to rest.

I briefed relief and believed the step was right.

Far away from home and chasing the life before me. I have a new abode to myself. I knew for sure this was the first step of great beginnings.

Agbeko bumped into the room as if we collectively paid the rent. He has a lot to say and I sluggishly welcomed him. In fact, you need tolerance to host my guest.

This new talkative friend says the first resident here died after a week of his first night in. He reportedly saw the ghost of the owner of the home who was buried in this same room and shouted instead of just watching as custom demanded.

The old man who's coffin lies beneath the concrete below my bed was reportedly a royal warrior. He is revered and worshipped by most residents around.

So I sl…