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Do pastors of today preach the word of God out of love for God and the work of God or it is just a mere fear mongering business aimed at making people submit and pay offertories that would fatten the pockets of such preachers?
It is their main act to scare people with the dangers of heaven and never touching on the beauty of heaven. Should it be so?
I seem to be complaining and lamenting about this situation, but the fact is I am not the type who would keep quiet on issues like this and think straight.Being a Christian ( though not one God would be so proud of ) I cannot help but speak on issues like these which are tainting the image of the once noble faith.
Somewhere in Africa, a pastor says the Holy Spirit has commanded him to impregnate 20 of his church members. And he would twist a scripture to back this devilish act. A friend comically said, "that spirit is not holy" and I guess he's right. Sadly, he (that so-called pastor) would have people for his defense in cou…