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Dear Lady,
Be grateful to God for giving you good physique. But, when all what you appreciate about what He has given you is the color of your skin or the colorlessness of it, the contours and the flat tummy, the long hair and shiny nails and graced calf, then I am tempted to say you must learn to be a bit more grateful.
When you take, watch and share more pictures than you read, imbibe and share  God's word with your followers on social media, there is a real problem that needs attention. There is a sure prediction that your follower-ship would wane when what you take pride in begins to be affected by the inevitable decay from the woes of old age.
The number of likes, follows, comments and reactions you get would begin to drop with your increase in age which normally means a fall in the price of your physique on the social media market.
Why give all focus to only one thing from all that God has blessed you with? You have intellect that needs development, a spirit that lives beyond n…


When an heart inflated by true love gets deflated by denials When opportunities seem absent for dreamsAnd nursed love finds no bed to root downFailure inscribes its signet on wandering hopesHighflying balloons of love brought low by a puncture of "no" It scares the mind and drills scars in the heart. But new hopes keeps you going
Some nos are better than yes after all


Like a lioness, you fought your house to keep
And swift as deer, you ran ahead of time
Fearing neither the Western rifles nor barriers of the African culture
Setting your eyes on victory, you left behind the cooking role
Refusing to be betrayed by coward men leaders
Angered by colonial disrespect and maltreatment,
Your love for Asanteland and pride was greater than gender
The brave feminist of Africa, whose fights preceded Beijing
Yaa Asantewaa,  the shoes you left behind are too big to fill
But like you, we'd dare, our nation to defend
And our people we'd love enough to die for.
Yaa Asantewaa, like you we will step to fight, though without guns
Our brains, hearts and skills the point would prove, that we're descendants of thine
Gone with your body but in us, your nature lives on
We'd fight beyond Seychelles and return our land to rule.


The title the coward knows is won by commitment to fear
Fear to die to self and be humble to a greater truth than himself
The coward finds for himself solace that travels not beyond himself
He's too scared to trust power greater than what was placed in him

The origin of his power is the truth he has continuously rejected
He knows he's not the greatest yet would not believe there's a greater One
Rushing through life with no desire for the Light
The coward leaves bare his broad chest and begins a muscle show in the dark
Burning others, burying his glory and hurting himself with the pain he hopes to bring some gain to his name
But this coward must not end the day without seeing the light
With every step he nears gently the end with no hope to win
The light keeps waving and yelling for him to yield
This coward must be brave amidst his fierce tears to change his woes
The strongest, skillful, boldest and wisest of men would fail at the end
Unless they accept they're frailty and cleave to …

Still Unaborted

Eyes met, thoughts grew and hopes fueled
A seed of you found place in the heart of mine
With no nurturing, but tortured and starved
This seed like all others is expected to sprout, burn and see death
But it went on lasting, growing and always maturing

Saline Injections and Misoprostol pills failed to claim life from this fetus
Unlike lust, this seed of love lasts
Amidst your smiles, frowns or mean treats, growth rate stays same
It gains weight and waits to be born
Delayed birth, fast growth is the hope of this unborn child in me
In case you doubt it, it is still unaborted!


Bubbling within, smiling without
Wearing silk of Egypt on all the wounds
Presenting on the stage what I suffer them to see
They read the front stage and say it's me
Only if they'd have a breakthrough of the stage,
Raise the curtains and see what's my make
My audience and fan base would shrink

Singing like a nightingale and mourning like a young widow
Chest out to prove strength and heart buried in woes
With glory smeared on the sorrows
We're taught to be gentle in wrath
So like a star, my role I act
But the conflict between self and script is so sharp
If tears were an ocean, there'd be no shore left
No balm seems the ache to soothe
This is my world, yet they have what I give them

Asocial Network

The network that makes you work to enrich owners
It can allow you create personal space too large to fill
It sucks time and you n'ere know it
Keeping your fingers busy and eyes fixed
Feasting on the newest and reviewing the oldest

Suggesting closeness to them that live miles away
Keeping you worlds away from them around you
Smiling, crying, angry and depressed for the unknown
Caring less, annoyed by and disregarding kin to be popular to the world unknown

This network illuminates and misleads, connects and disconnects
Builds the world away and destroys the one here
It sells much folly and offers little wisdom
It is a world outside our world
Very social yet asocial


Before your heart over comes your mindAnd another's being captures your thoughtsWhen pictures are seen with love-lense,Who earns your love deserves your respectKnow it! When partiality grows and you accept she's bestA beast chooses another beast as best being,The rigid part of you begins to know emotionsAnd you feel complete when she's nearRegard your standards before the final choice,Forget it Not!She's my love not because she lacks flawsShe activates my best so for her I'd fallWith her, life's all day and never comes night That moment when even you become a poet!Still get time to reason or pray,Be not Misled!
I'm adamant though you paint her blackYou don't have to understand my choice;Thus you say and hold her dearAnd you're armed to teeth against unwanted counselIn all, remember others have travelled that road,Listen To Wisdom!


Psalms 81:10
"I am the LORD thy God, which brought thee out of the land of Egypt: open thy mouth wide, and I will fill it."
Supplying your needs is not more difficult than Jesus' death to save you.
If God has saved you, He would provide your needs and take care of you.
Just call on God in faith.
Have a day full of blessings.


Until Christian men and women begin to read their Bibles without preconceived ideas, until we begin to trust God's written Word than the extra biblical guidance from leaders in the church,until we learn ourselves to pray and maintain a personal relationship with our Heavenly Fatherand unless we stop seeing God as an old man in Heaven who cares only about the amount of gifts we receive and not how we live.Unless we purify our minds from this devilish ideas that we can trick God to give us what we want,unless we begin to understand that the life here is preparation for an eternal destination and live with that consciousness,we would be consumed by our hunger for the comforts of here, continue to fall prey to the false teachers' schemes, land in the devil's traps and forever remain empty though holding a lot of the world's wealth in our hands.

And worst of all, we're unlikely to understand the gospel message and remain forever doomed in condemnation.