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I guess I have stayed in Europe for years and enduring dishes strange to my tongue
But I believe this isn't it because I can feel the sun doing what it does best to our skins
The cravings the heart and mind has constructed for this much longed for meal can't be tamed
But I know this dish is forbidden by the systems we live by the divines that guide us

With my selfish and wicked soul, I stole a look
And the look it offered was pleasing to my misled mind
With unguided pleasure I bit into the treasured unripe fruit
Still green but sweet on the first bite 
The juice on my tongue struggled to resist another bite
A bite, a bite another bite and I was eating
The fruit was eaten all but the fruit was not finished

Before I finished eating, I was satisfied
The joy of the consummation was short-lived
I needed to eat more to keep the state
But that fruit was forbidden till I owned the tree
The sweet bite and stolen meal left me ashamed of the light that's in me