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Maurice Chevalier once said that "a comfortable old age is the reward of a well-spent youth. Instead of its bringing sad and melancholy prospects of decay, it would give us hopes of eternal youth in a better world". You cannot just have a successful one unless you invest in it. For even those who cannot see beyond life here, they have some plans of a sort for old age. Only that for them, they seek investment only in passing things. The lucky ones still have some wealth when the time arrives. But the very sincere ones would tell you that, though they have wealth, their peace which they need most at that age is absent. George Sand, an old French novelist said that we need to try to keep our souls young and quivering right up to old age. But how do we? Let us reflect on the life of Abraham, a man who had a seemingly fulfilling old age. 
Gen 24:1 “Abraham was old, and well stricken in age: and the Lord had blessed Abraham in all things”. When I read this verse the first time, i…

is GOD fair?

is GOD not FAIR? Armed robbers are able to escape robbery scenes before the police arrive; the big political thieves never get caught. The accountant working with no integrity seems to prosper through his foul means. The poor Christian who diverts just a little project funds to pay his family expenses with intention of paying back later gets caught and is expelled from job. The first day the Christian visits the worldly party is the day violent fights breakout; sadly they end up being the victims and the godless wicked people survive it. The drunkard’s over speeding car summersaults three times but then he escapes safe. The day the pastor jumps traffic in haste to be early to church is the day he crushes a teenager on the zebra crossing. Simply, it doesn’t seem fair - too much evidence to back it. 
Isn't it true that God is not fair because instead of what people deserve, he gives them another? God decides to allow the disobedient child to live on and wait for him to repent inste…


When you think of the manner in which God provided the Israelites with the manna, it seems quite fascinating - Just enough for the day and a warning against keeping the excess for the morrow. God could have decided to give the people of Israel all the manna they might need for the rest of their journey. Or maybe He could have given it at least enough for three days up to a week. 
Why did God choose the ‘petty manna flow’ approach?
The fact is God knows the heart of man that, once he gets his needs beyond today, he forgets the source of the blessings and oftentimes esteems the blessing more than the one from whom it all flows. He knows what man can and cannot handle. He loves to stay connected to His own on the daily basis. Even though the almighty God is self-sufficient, he cherishes that relationship and seeks ways of maintaining it. He knows that a man who has no thought of God in him is in danger, so he creates ways to bring His own back on a daily basis.
C. S. Lewis perfectly unde…


I just met her. As a guy and lady of mid-age, we were formal in almost all our first ten sentences.  She wasn't looking like the normal campus girls with over-made faces. She was simply dressed but decently covered unlike her other mates who wear the world yet expose their wares.
I guess I addressed her like she was dressed. She was very organised for a first year so I asked if she was in second year though she looked too young for it. All she needed was a place to charge her phone so I welcomed her to a restricted computer lab I was permitted to use because of some few connections I've had around here. 
After offering her a place to sit, I went to sit behind my computer but she must do something too. So I went to show her something to read. She had to read my lame blog posts. Interestingly she was interested. So instead of the short one I offered, she read almost all my posts from the general ones to the personal ones like my rejected proposals, church disappointments among…


Zooooom zaaaam zoooom paraaaam!!! With low pitches and high base the music plays I seek to gather my mind's purpose to pray With a lot on my mind I could feign say The sound derails me and my lips make no full utters   My failing voice can only mutter Regrets fill the heart and it weighs over a bag of wet sand Beating fast, halting fast and giving swift prompts  The mouth that knows to go down the filth , Certainly the words of his glory cant sing


If a war seeks to kill to rule,
If soldiers would fight for reasons unexplained,
Sever throats of men and not the problems of men;
When the goal for the fight is to eliminate some to rule some,
It tends to baffle my uneducated thoughts that loves PEACE. PEACE like freedom has never been valued by any man who had it until it is finally lost. We want no story line for a 'Hotel Ghana' documentary because "Hotel Rwanda" wasn't a beautiful piece for the lovers of PEACE Convince me to accept your product (idea)
Don't kill me because your idea of who's to rule is at odds with mine. How sure is the gun wielder he'd shoot down the enemy before he breathes the last?
What if the bullet travels to meet your cohort's skull?
What if another fires the head that thinks slaying bodies is the path to victory? At rifle-wielding wars, nobody knows the victor till the war is done. You might be unlucky cos you too have an Achilles Heel though. Thoug…


It is not an easy choice to choose virtue and big dreams when you grow between two opposing walls of much practiced vice and little moral teaching and when your formative years saw penury as the way. All hopes for victory and a change of the unhealthy order nears impossible when the chance to see the picture of affluence and good that might whet your appetite is absent.

But I thank God who is all knowing and loving. He plants in us the light that spurs us on, creates opportunities in the midst of the challenges and obstacles. For the strongest locks, God provides a key for the use of His own.
Glory be to Him who for us all has a purpose on this planet. He's at work in your life too. Just Give Him your trust.
To God Be the Glory.