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When you go without sleep for 20 to 25 hours, the drop in your performance is similar to that of someone with a blood-alcohol level of 0.10 percent. Your productivity is marred by sleep deprivation.
It is even argued by some researches that when you are deprived of sleep for 36, 48, and 72 hours your body and your mind begins operating in altered states that put your health, and your life, at risk.
Sleep deficiency causes heart failure, diabetes, anemic conditions, increases your blood pressure and weakens your immune system. Sleep is certainly very important. It doesn't deem wise to deprive yourself of the needed amount of sleep.
The Bible however advises that we don't have to sleep too much.
Sleep is so important that just as depriving one's self of it is unwise, getting too much of it can bring you poverty.
A little sleep, a little slumber and continuing at that can cause your poverty to come upon you unawares like an armed man ( Read Prov. 6:10,11 and 24:33,34).
Loving …


In my mind, your being still colors all my thoughts. I knew I wasn't going to be able to let go, that was why I wanted you to stay. Someone tried to convince me that I was infatuated. But I contended that idea. Because if it were what they said it was, I'm not sure it could last this long. Plus, it never left me for a day since then. I didn't know what a prison was until I entered the cells of your heart. It sounds foolish to many who don't know you but I am a slave of your love. I am the only one who knows these things Your worth keeps me wondering how much loss I've made by letting you go
I thought we were done when we said the byes. But now I think, maybe I should have stolen the bus keys that drove you away. I could have kidnapped the driver until you changed your mind leaving me The love I have for you  has grown into something that has taken a twist in how it affects me. Even though it still kills me from on the inside, I don't want to be freed. I don…


I found this very helpful and decided to blog it to help those who normally search for the meanings of our beautiful Ewe names.
Compiled by
Dodzi K Attah

Ewe names and their meanings (First names)Afefa: Peaceful house/calm houseAfeke: The root of the houseAfelete: Established homeAgbe : LifeAgbeko : If only there is lifeAgbemabiase : The origin of life is not knownAgbemafle : Life cannot be boughtAgbenyefia: Life is the king (if you have life you have everything)Agbenyega: Life is the greatest (if you have life you have everything)Agbenyo: Life is good (if you have life you have everything)Agbesi: Life is the greatest (if you have life you have everything)Akorfa: Comfort/Peaceful heartAkorfala: Consoler/comforterAkpe: ThanksAkpenamawu: Thank GodAkpene: Thank theeAmenyo: Human is preciousAmetefe: Replacement (a …


You know,Sometimes you feel like singing, 'It is NOT well with my soul',Yet your mind softly plays "Count your blessings" behind the scenes.But then you ask yourself, what have I to count? "Does Jesus care?" Does He see?And then you remember to 'stand on the promises of Christ your King and Build your hope on nothing less than Jesus'Like a flash, your heart burns with joy and you proclaim, "O yes! He cares, I know He cares" ; Nodding your head to affirm what your heart is singing, You decide to cast your cares off you And 'Take Him at His word, Hide His word in your heart that you might not sin against Him.Before long, you enter into "Sweet Hour of Prayer" and once you open your eyes,The courage your heart gets causes your lips to yell in reverence, "Hallelujah! Thine the glory! Hallelujah! Amen!At last, your heart begins to hum, "it is well with my soul", "God is so good",Then you marvel and mutter, …