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Complete Life

This poem may be my worst but tells my best story
It would be sad to me if you don't read on
Don't seek the rhyme scheme nor the vocabulary
Dig deeper to seek the message
The message of this poem is older than this age
It would outlast this age and see beyond the next
To get the message of this poem, patience is vital
This poem was born by an old tale which is new everyday
This poem borrows it's diction from the creator of the author
Unless you agree to be broken or have been broken,
The message of this poem would be useless to you
Unless hunger meets food, death becomes inevitable
Unless training precedes competition, a loss becomes certain
Unless the right decisions are made, regrets become unbearable
Never your life continue spending
    and forever forgetting the judgment pending
Never your pains and chains suffer
    and forever a change not dreaming
Never your ways by works strive to build
    and forever  the done work of the cross never believing
Never on your lip…

dEaR sIn

Dear Sin,You have always been but rarely is seenYour bait, Mr Temptation looks great till you get us jailedThe gate of your dungeon is a thing the world’s heart dreamsAt last, alas! The devoted captives you own cry