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There, we all were well-fed for the next phase of our journey. It was all smiles.  I walked out of one of the sacred house. When I left the rather traditional and primitive environments of the building to the broad and well decorated world, a strange scene caught my attention.While I walked down the way through the modern large houses connecting the path leading to my small enclave and still reminiscing the taste and contents of the good food we were fed in the sacred house, I overheard a chat. It was loud, clear and a purpose driven discussion. I saw and heard ugly servants of a mighty and selfish king of a large territory scheming very seemingly wise plans. They were working so hard on extending the already large territory their master owned.The first of them noticed me eavesdropping on their conversation. I got frightened and  thought this would end their discourse. But then, he just pointed at me and cited me as an example of those who got fed in the sacred house. The others got f…