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This poem is not a poem
This poem may be meaningless,
Weightless yet worth reading
This poem lacks vocabulary
It holds nothing unique of poetic essence.
But carries simple words of a message
A message that seeks a place to land
Traveling within the walls of a heart.
Imprisoned, Ignored, Tortured.
Violently cracking the bricks of its cage
A message fighting for its own freedom
Seeking a break through.
A message desirous of overcoming solitary confinement
The message wants to meet others.
But others seem to have no message for this message.
This message refuses to quit fighting to escape the bondage of a home in one heart.
It hopes to locate its friend in another heart.
Futile journeys this message have walked.This night the message is discomforting.
It fights with vigour for escape. I was up late on my bed
The same bed that puts me to sleep
The bed that invites me to rest
The bed that convinces me to forget unfinished task and rest
The bed with the magic to infect with the virus of forgetfulness for a mom…



The ignored issue about racism is when you believe by yourself that you are a lesser human with lesser ability to achieve excellence.
Whilst some are told that their race is inferior to others, others accept the saying and live with it. There is yet another group who tell themselves they are not competent and so cannot achieve certain things.
Sometimes we just need to consciously free our mental faculties from the self-inflicted prisons of life and chose to be positive about our thoughts.
As far as you can think, you can imagine. Your imaginations are possible.
The colour of your skin should not be a barrier to your goal attainment.
Where you are born may have certain challenges which other people elsewhere do not face.
But it’s’ also essentially true that your place of birth have certain unique opportunities that need to be used.
We just need to wake up and throw the wait of mental enslavement behind ourselves and strive for the mastery in everything.
You are human, created in God’s …