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You need to get this right.
You cannot be always right.
You need not take this light.
You don't have to whine
You may choose to wine and dine
Only listen, listen when I guide
You may brag of light coloured skin But can you see the zebra skin coming?
Only if you know
Know that you'll grow
Can you see it?
Can you see that day when your fake beauty glows no more?
Can you imagine that day when your fair skin becomes reddish black with spots?
Only if you know
You'll chose to learn With the least chance
I will take my stance
Just to let you know
You can be wrong When you were black, bold and uniquely different. When you were black as a lightless night And your smile as the brightest light
I couldn't help but respect you, love you, dream you and think you.
I am not racist
I am an activist
I am not singing for blacks
I am only preaching to blacks
I preach blackness
Preaching against bleaching You glow, yet you're fake.
Fading the black you cannot buy.
Hating the original beauti…