I found this very helpful and decided to blog it to help those who normally search for the meanings of our beautiful Ewe names.

Compiled by
Dodzi K Attah

Ewe names and their meanings (First names)

Afefa: Peaceful house/calm house

Afeke: The root of the house

Afelete: Established home

Agbe : Life

Agbeko : If only there is life

Agbemabiase : The origin of life is not known

Agbemafle : Life cannot be bought

Agbenyefia: Life is the king (if you have life you have everything)

Agbenyega: Life is the greatest (if you have life you have everything)

Agbenyo: Life is good (if you have life you have everything)

Agbesi: Life is the greatest (if you have life you have everything)

Akorfa: Comfort/Peaceful heart

Akorfala: Consoler/comforter

Akpe: Thanks

Akpenamawu: Thank God

Akpene: Thank thee

Amenyo: Human is precious

Ametefe: Replacement (a son whose father died before his birth)

Amewu/Amewuga: Human is precious than money

Anyo: It shall be well

Asiwome: In thy hands

Aseye: Praises

Awoe: He (God) will do it

Awoenam: He (God) will do it for me

Blewu: Be patient

Bubune: Adorable/Honour onto Him

Butsorme: Think of tomorrow

Butsormekpor: Think of tomorrow

Dela: Savior/redeemer

Deladem: Redeemed by the Savior

Delado: The Savior has emerged

Delali: The savior lives/the redeemer lives

Delana: The savior gives

Delanya: The savior knows

Delasi: In the savior’s hands

Desiadenyo: All is good

Dodzi: Endure/Perseverance

Dogbeda: Pray

Dormenyo Kindness/Generous

Dzidedi: Comfort

Dzigbordi: Patient

Dzidudu: Victory

Dzidula: Victorious

Dzidzeme Peaceful heart

Dzidzor: Joy/happiness

Dzidzorli There is happiness

Dzidzorm: l am glad/Happiness

Dziedzorm: l am glad/Happiness

Dzifa: Comfort/Peace at heart

Dzigbordi: Patience

Dzordzoe: Right/just/righteous

Dzorgbenyui: Good luck/Fortune

Edem: He (God) has saved me/he has delivered me

Edemi: He (God) has saved us/he has delivered us

Edudzi: He (God) is victorious/he reigns

Edotom: He (God) has heard me

Edotomi: He (God) has heard us

Edrorlali: The judge lives

Edinam: Am lucky

Edinami: We are lucky

Edzordzi: Glad/happiness

Edzordzinam: Am glad/am happy

Edzordzinawo: They are glad/they are happy

Edzordzinami: We are glad/we are happy

Efakor/Efakornam: He (God) has comforted me

Efanam: I am comforted

Ehenyuive: Bringer of joy

Ekplorm: He (God) leads me

Eleagbe: He is alive

Eli: He (God) lives

Elinam: He (God) lives for me/God with me

Elinami: He (God) lives for us/God with us

Eliva/Elivava: Truly he (God) lives

Elikplim: He (God) is with me

Elikplimi: He (God) is with us

Elike: Rooted on solid ground/established

Elikem: He (God) has established me

Elikemi: He (God) has established us

Elemawusi: In God’s hands

Elolo: He (God) is great

Etrakor: He (God) is undefeatable

Elorm/Elom He (God) loves/adores me

Elormi: He (God) loves/adores us

Emefa: Peace within/Calmness

Emekor: It is apparent

Ena: He (God) gives

Enam: He (God) gives me

Enami: He (God) gives us

Enya: He (God) knows

Enyam: He (God) knows me

Enyami: He (God) knows us

Enyo: Perfect

Enyonam: It’s good for me/It is well

Ese: He (God) hears

Esenam: He (God) has heard me

Eselali: The hearer (Lord) lives

Eselase: The hearer (Lord) hears

Esinu: Waiting upon the Lord

Etor: Belongs to him (God)/He (God) has answered

Etornam: He (God) has answered me

Etornami: He (God) has answered us

Etorna: He (God) answers

Eyra: He (God) blesses

Eyram: He (God) has blessed me/am blessed

Eyrami: He (God) has blessed us/we are blessed

Eyrae: He (God) has blessed him/her

Evenunye: He (God) have mercy upon me

Ewoe: He (God) has done it

Ewoenan: He (God) has done it for me

Ewoenami: He (God) has done it for us

Exornam: He ( God) has saved me

Fafa: Peace/calmness

Fakor: Console

Fakorne: Console him/her

Fafali: There is peace/calmness

Fiavi: Prince

Tsoeke: Forgive

Tsoekewo: Forgive give them

Foli: First son

Gameli: There is time for everything

Ganyo: Money is good

Galevo: Money is different

Gayra: Bless again

Gayram: Bless me again

Gayrami: Bless us again

Kafui: Praise him

Kekeli/Keli/Kekle: Light/ brightness

Kekleli: There's light/there's brightness

Kle: Shine /bright/excel

Klenam: Shine for me

Klenami: Shine for us

Korkoe: Divine

Kplorm: Guide me

Kplorla: Leader/shepherd

Lebenam: Take good care of me

Lebene: Take good care of him/her

Likem: Establish me

Lorm: Love/adore me

Lorlornyo: Love is good

Lorlor: Love

Lorne: Love/adore him/her

Magava: I shall return

Malike: I will be establishes

Manoagbe: I shall live

Mawufeasi: God's hand

Mawufemor: God's way

Mawuko: Only God/Except God

Mawukoenya: Only God knows

Mawunyo: God is good

Mawusi: In God’s hands

Mawulawoe: God will do it

Mawuli: God lives

Mawulinam: God lives for me/ God with me

Mawulorm: God loves me

Mawuena: God gives

Mawuenam: God gives me

Mawunya: God knows

Mawulikplim: God is with me/God with me

Mawulikplimi: God is with us/God with us

Mawuenyega: God is the greatest

Mawuse: God hears

Mawulolo: God is great

Mawutor: Belongs to God/God has answered

Mawueyram: God blesses me

Wawuworge: God will do it

Mawuwoe: God has done it

Makafui: I will praise him (the Lord)

Mazi: I will be silent and wait on God

Mezi: Am silent and waiting on God

Morkporkpor: Hope

Nalikem: Establish me

Nayra: Bless

Norkplim: Be with me

Nuna: Gift

Nunana: Gift

Nunya: Knowledge/wisdom

Nunyati: Tree of knowledge/wisdom

Nuku/Nukunu: Wonder

Nyuitor: Perfect

Se: Law/Destiny/God

Sedem: God has saved/delivered me

Sedemi: God has saved/delivered us

Sedinam: Am lucky

Sedotom: God has heard me

Sedufia: God reigns

Sedudzi: God is victorious/God reigns

Sefa: Peaceful God/God of peace

Sefakor: God has comforted me

Sefadzi: God has comforted me

Seli: God lives

Selinam: God lives for me/God with me

Seyram: God has blessed me/am blessed

Seyrami: God has blessed us/we are blessed

Selorm/Selom: God loves me

Segbefia: A listening king

Sesi: In God’s hands

Sese: God hears

Sena: God gives

Senam: God gives me/God’s gift to me

Sename: God’s gift to mankind

Senanu: God is the giver

Senya: God knows

Senyegbe: Hear my voice

Selali: The hearer (Lord) lives

Selase: The hearer (Lord) hears

Senyo: God is good

Sedotom: God has heard me

Setor: Belongs to God/God has answered

Suboe: Worship/adore him (the Lord)

Sitso: Be glad/happy

Sitsofe: Place refuge

Sroda/Sromawuda: Revere the Lord

Tsoene: Leave it to God

Tsoenamawu: Leave it to God

Xoese/Hoese: Believe

Xorse:/Horse Faith

Xornam/Hornam: Save me

Worlanyo: The Creator is good

Worlasi: In the Creator's hand

Vadem: Come and save me

Valikem: Come and establish me

Vayram: Come and bless me

Vormawu: Fear God

Vornamegbetor: Fear Man

Yesutor: Belongs to Jesus

Yra: Bless

Yayra: Blessing

Yram: Bless me

Yrami: Bless us

Yingor: Excel

Yormawu: Call on God

NOTE:Ewe names are unisex (Designed to be suitable for both sexes).

Compiled by
Dodzi K Attah


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