In my mind, your being still colors all my thoughts.

I knew I wasn't going to be able to let go, that was why I wanted you to stay.

Someone tried to convince me that I was infatuated.

But I contended that idea.

Because if it were what they said it was, I'm not sure it could last this long.

Plus, it never left me for a day since then.

I didn't know what a prison was until I entered the cells of your heart.

It sounds foolish to many who don't know you but I am a slave of your love.

I am the only one who knows these things

Your worth keeps me wondering how much loss I've made by letting you go
I thought we were done when we said the byes.

But now I think, maybe I should have stolen the bus keys that drove you away.

I could have kidnapped the driver until you changed your mind leaving me

The love I have for you  has grown into something that has taken a twist in how it affects me.

Even though it still kills me from on the inside, I don't want to be freed.

I don't know what I know right now considering how wounded I am from within. I believe my brain bleeds just like my heart. But there is that part of my memory that has safely stored everything about you.

You're not gone!

When I said it, everyone around thought I was mad with their caustic words, they thought to kill the love I have nursed for you.

Don't worry, they have failed.

Yes, when we hugged the byes at the bus station that evening, I didn't know how the tears came running down my eyes.

I looked on hoping to see where the bus would make a stop;

But like a fast running rocket through harmattan, the bus did not take long to be beyond my view.

Twas as if my life in itself was shot and left to die slowly.

I kept sniffing over my body all the way back home to save in my mind the fragrance your perfume left on my clothes.

You mistakenly took all your pictures away but I bet you, I can still paint a perfect one in my mind. Tomorrow I shall go, describe you and make sure the old artist of the city museum paints some perfect portraits of you for me.

Wait! But can he paint that smile of yours and one with your funny laughs?

I know exactly what I want but what words would tell him what to paint is what I don't know. Please come back! Hmmm.

I have not forgotten my promise to take a picture of one of those your natural smiles, print it and keep it hoisted on the biggest signboards to heal the world's many dejected hearts  - I will do it one day.

My promise to take you round the world is not dead - you doubted it but, I am now ready to do it.

On the morning after your departure, I woke up with a long strand of your black beautiful hair stuck in my beard. Did you leave it intentionally?

Well, whether by plan or chance, I love it, I appreciate it. I have decided to keep it in a glass. Since that is the only physical part of you left, I would keep it carefully. 

You knew how much I loved gifts and even though you were leaving, you didn't want to leave without showing me love. I am glad to say, "I have a full tank of love".

But if you could love me that much, what made you leave? Would you come back? How far are you going? I can meet you wherever I have to. I just need you to call me. 

No matter how far you travel away from my home and my life, I'd keep the things I have always loved of you ever fresh in my mind and heart.

Oh, and the only song you sung to me has also been secretly recorded and placed on repeat in my room. At least I have your voice, face (in my mind) and hair even though I could not win your heart.

Nobody goes to their garden for flowers and ignores the beautiful one, so I don't think you'd be forgotten. No!

Be safe wherever you go and I hope you'd return when you identify how much you're worth in my life.

I have just stopped writing this letter intentionally.

But I bet you, there is more to say about you. I am still waiting for when you would come back because I know time would not heal the hurt in me.


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