The shuttle was empty when he entered. Twas one of those rare days   when the shuttle station was almost empty and so there would be some time between now and when it gets full. He jumped in and decided to sit behind the lone lady seated before her. He refused to stop staring at her.

She was exactly the ideal figure that would attract him. She had that model-like shape that he psyched himself overtime and schooling to love and she wasn't fair in complexion either. Such a discrimination against size and color. Even though his parents didn't  like small things so much, he nursed and kept his desire for ladies who would not too big to carry in emergencies. 

He is used to rejections from the ladies he likes and has developed some thick skin to cope with that. So he decided to give this one a shot.


He: Hi

She: Hello (with that sort of "what-are-you-up-to" look)

Then he went on to ask, "are you a student or...?"

She smiled, but still wore her seriousness beneath the smile. She must have a lot to think about.  (But what could keep a young beautiful lady so preoccupied at midday on a rainy day?). 


She: I am a lecturer.
He: Ohhk...You mean you teach here? (with opened jaw and head hung down fidgeting with his almost retiring phone).


Certainly, he was disorganized by her response. 

The normal thing is, she is a student (who would normally be shy). Then he asks, what level/year? And then he goes on to say, that's nice.  In case she is impatient enough to ask of his year in the school before his brag bag gets full, he says, "I am a Teaching Assistant", I completed in so and so year.


This trick was not going to work on the lecturer and nothing crossed his mind either to do to save the day. 


He: (trying to be a man and hide his defeat), so how does it feel to be a young lecturer and how easy is it to control the class?


She: Well, to start of I am not young. I just look it! (pauses sharply and gets on a dramatic twist in her facial look) the way, who are you what do you do? why all the quizzing?  


He: Oooowww... I-I- I am sorry if you are offended. I am very sorry. (Good to apologize, but was that in answer to her question?).


Someone needs to identify well the waters to fish from before ruining the next day.




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